LeBron James

Matthew Wellington

Matt Co-Founded Double Clutch in July 2012 and is the current Editor-in-Chief / Lead Designer. He is a Los Angeles Lakers fan, a Brandon Roy stan and a stalwart of the vibrant UK-based community. He never shuts up about the fact Damian Lillard follows us on Twitter, and has represented Double Clutch as an analyst on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Mike Miller

Our Mike Miller is not the Mike Miller picked 5th overall by the Orlando Magic in the 2000 NBA Draft. He is in fact one of our podcast hosts and a Lead Writer. He loves beards, begrudgingly respects James Harden, writes a weekly NBA column for GiveMeSport and contributes to Sporting News (FIBA). He’s also represented us as an analyst on Sky Sports, BBC Radio 5 Live, ESPN’s Head in the Game podcast and Love Sport Radio.

Nick Whitfield

Nick provides us with a rather unique look at basketball, often merging cultural moments from videogames and cinema with on court and sometimes off court actions in the NBA. He’s our Google Analytics guru; the perfect accompaniment to a digital league and sport. Oh, and he used to work for FIBA Media.

Josh Coyne

Josh is a hoops, music and TV sitcom fanatic who survives primarily on copious amounts of pasta. He fell in love with basketball when his mum and dad showed him Larry Bird footage at a young age.

Huw Hopkins

Huw grew up in Wales and was too much of a wimp to play rugby. He fell in love with the quiet brilliance of Tim Duncan and ended up a San Antonio Spurs fan. Huw is a Lead Writer for Double Clutch and also contributes to Sky Sports (NBA/WNBA) and Sporting News (FIBA).

Sean Guest

Sean has been following the NBA and the Orlando Magic since Shaq & Penny wore pinstripes. His love for the franchise may have waivered over the past decade, but he remains optimistic that it will deliver on Alex Martins' promise to win a championship before 2030. He has contributed to Last Word on Sports (NBA) and Fansided's Orlando Magic Daily.

Justin Quinn

Justin is our resident Anthropologist. In fact, he's our only Anthropologist. When he's not engaged in the practice of anthropology, he's writing about all things basketball. He finds it difficult to not mention the Boston Celtics and often contributes to multiple USAToday Sports Media Group sites and Off The Glass.

Tom Hall

Tom is a teacher based in Stoke-on-Trent and can usually be found playing 2K, drumming or hosting his other podcast, Almighty Pod, when he's not cheering on his beloved Celtics. He contributes with articles and is regularly featured on our podcast, where he typically shoehorns conversations to do with anything trade, free agency or draft-related!

Karl Moon

Karl is one of many New York Knicks fans who spent the majority of his childhood being enamoured by Patrick Ewing and whilst he is accutely aware that the Knicks remain noncompetitive, he can still be found watching all 82 games of a season and rocking in the corner.

Jonah Stott

Med Student

Thomas Lamming

Sports Journalism student at the University of Huddersfield. Student Press Officer for Bradford Dragons basketball.

Adam Taylor

I am an aspiring NBA Journalist based out of the UK, i am a lead writer for SB Nation's CelticsBlog, Staff writer for DoubleClutchUK and co-founder of The 450 Times. A podcast expert, having previously run a podcast network and hosted a string of shows over the last two years. Currently the host of the CelticsBlog podcast and co-anchor of The 450 Times podcast.