Matthew Wellington

Matt founded Double Clutch in July 2012 and is the current Editor-in-Chief / Lead Designer. He is a Los Angeles Lakers fan, a Brandon Roy stan and a stalwart of the vibrant UK-based community. He never shuts up about the fact Damian Lillard follows us on Twitter, and has represented Double Clutch as an analyst on BBC Radio 5 Live.

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Episode 324 – Kobe Bryant

Matthew Wellington, Mike Miller and Huw Hopkins mark the passing of Kobe Bryant.

8 | 24 – Goodbye Kobe

Kobe Bryant’s impact goes far beyond the hardwood. Our Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Wellington writes about Kobe’s significance on a personal level

Teamwork makes the dream work for the Toronto Raptors

Toronto’s total team performance last night isn’t just a one-off, it’s been happening all season

Things James Harden was (probably) thinking during that Russell Westbrook brain fart

Last night the NBA world witnessed an all-time great play – in the sense that is was terrible, meme worthy material. But just what was (probably) going through James Harden’s head at the time?

Julius Randle is the biggest loser on the New York Knicks, but he still has hope

According to Matthew Wellington, Julius Randle has suffered with the New York Knicks, in large part due to organisational ineptitude. Could a trade help both parties?

Kings’ Buddy Hield and Bulls’ Zach LaVine join exclusive shooters clubs

Buddy Hield and Zach LaVine shot the lights out, on their way to a unique shooters club

Episode 318 – NBA Special | Jeff Stotts of on injuries and Luka Doncic

Mike Miller is joined by the owner of and athletic consultant to NBA teams, Jeff Stotts

Episode 317 – NBA | James Harden; Paul George; Carmelo Anthony’s impending return and Toronto’s ring-fence

Matthew Wellington, Mike Miller and Nick Whitfield unite to discuss James Harden’s magnificent offensive tear, Paul George’s return to the Clippers and much more

Episode 316 – NBA | Lakers and Celtics lead, but Knicks could do with some PEDs

Matthew Wellington and Mike Miller sit down to discuss all the news from week three of the NBA season, including the latest New York Knicks rumours and legitimacy of the OG Anunoby’s Most Improved Player campaign.