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Sean is an Orlando Magic fan and has been since the Shaq & Penny era. His love for the franchise has waivered over the past decade, but he remains optimistic that it will deliver on Alex Martins' promise to win a championship before 2030. He has contributed to Last Word on Sports (NBA) and Fansided's Orlando Magic Daily.

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The Step Back: Carving out a ‘Nique

In the latest edition of The Step Back, Sean Guest remembers this day in 2001, when the Atlanta Hawks retired the jersey of Dominique Wilkins

The Step Back: Tough Glove

Sean Guest revisits key events from NBA history, evaluating their impact on the players and teams involved. This time: Gary Payton

The Step Back: Miller Time

In this new series, Sean Guest revisits key events from NBA history, evaluating their impact on the players and teams involved, as well as the league and the sport more broadly

After their slow start, can the Sacramento Kings still be regal?

After a big improvement last season, the Sacramento Kings have taken a step back. Sean Guest looks at what they can do to turn things around.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals gave us everything, including a glimpse of what might have been

With the Golden State Warriors playing a do-or-die game during their last trip to the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Sean Guest wonders if this was the NBA Finals series we were promised against the Toronto Raptors

2009: Remembering a time when the Orlando Magic mattered

10 years ago to the day, the Orlando Magic made history in the NBA Finals. Now, just the memory remains, but Sean Guest is feeling nostalgic

Warriors Game 4
Should we be worried about the Warriors?

Heading into these NBA Finals the Golden State Warriors looked dead set to win their third straight title. But down 2-1 to the Raptors with injuries to star players mounting, the odds are no longer stacked in their favour. Is now an appropriate time to worry about the Warriors?

NBA Finals Game 1
Game 1 showed the growth of the Raptors, Game 2 will define them and perhaps the series

Sean Guest takes a look at what went right for the Raptors in Game 1, what went wrong for the Warriors and how tonight’s Game 2 could define this series.

NBAE via Getty Images / Double Clutch illustration
Kawhi Leonard: Moving the immovable object

Earlier today, the San Antonio Spurs finally succeeded in trading disgruntled All-Star Kawhi Leonard. As…