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Josh is a hoops, music and TV sitcom fanatic who survives primarily on copious amounts of pasta. He fell in love with basketball when his mum and dad showed him Larry Bird footage at a young age.

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Jaylen Brown Black Lives Matter
Jaylen Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and their off-court legacies

We might not see anybody fill Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s shoes on the court, but Jaylen Brown is trying to live up to his hero’s off-court qualities – Josh Coyne recalls his first experience meeting the Celtics forward in a Harvard lecture theatre

An oral history of the DeAndre Jordan Free Agency saga, five years on

The week of DeAndre Jordan’s 360-degree turn is one of the most intriguing stories in NBA offseason lore. Josh Coyne speaks to Ben Golliver, Madelyn Burke, Isaac Lowenkron, Clipper Darrell and a Mavericks source about the events that sent the NBA Twittersphere into meltdown.

Coming Out & Hooping: The Challenges for LGBTQ Basketball Hopefuls

LGBTQ athletes Derrick Gordon and Will Sheridan played at the highest level of college basketball, but their professional endeavours were limited. Josh Coyne explores their experiences and the challenges of being out as a player.

Episode 333 – NBA | Two Truths and One Lie

On the second edition of ‘Two Truths, One Lie’, resident champ Nick Whitfield gets a chance to defend his title belt against Claire De Lune of Count the Dings.

Episode 3 – Basketball Movies | He Got Game

Josh Coyne joins forces with Mike Miller and Nick Whitfield to deepdive Spike Lee’s basketball classic ‘He Got Game’, starring Denzel Washington, Ray Allen and Milla Jovovich.

Episode 331 – NBA | Two Truths and One Lie

During an expected down period from NBA action, Josh Coyne hosts a special NBA quiz episode, alongside Nick Whitfield and Anthony Gale.

Gianna Bryant’s legacy goes beyond any scoresheet

Kobe Bryant’s name is the one that makes the headlines, but Josh Coyne does not want to forget the three young basketball players who had their whole future ahead of them, including Kobe’s daughter Gianna

Episode 2 – Basketball Movies | White Men Can’t Jump

Josh Coyne explores the world of basketball movies. With the help of Nick Whitfield and actor Nigel Miguel, this episode revolves around 1992 comedy drama ‘White Men Can’t Jump’.

Boris Johnson should not be trusted: A Prime Ministerial basketball analysis

On the day of the General Election in the UK, Josh Coyne sticks to sports to study the tape that matters regarding Boris Johnson’s chances of being the top pick in the draft