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A possible NBA sub-tweet, and what it says about Scott Brooks and the Washington Wizards
We are currently in one of the strangest parts of the NBA Calendar: the long off-season that feels like a lifetime is coming to an end. Training camps do not quite start yet, draft coverage Has been exhausted, and no free agents of note are left. Because of this, there is almost no news. Hall Of Fame inductions have excited some of my older colleagues, but for many this is a tough period of the year. I was in this boat yesterday, until I saw a potential NBA-related sub-tweet from Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis.
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The L.A. Clippers: "We are going to find a way to define our own legacy"
It might be easy, given the events of this summer, to forget that there are two teams located in Los Angeles. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan have all now left the Clippers, and their city rivals have just acquired the best player in basketball, LeBron James. To the naked eye it is the L.A. Lakers who are on the rise, while the Clippers are condemned to remain in their shadow for years to come. However, it appears no one has told them that.
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