Huw Hopkins

Huw grew up in Wales and was too much of a wimp to play rugby. He fell in love with the quiet brilliance of Tim Duncan and ended up a San Antonio Spurs fan. Huw is a Lead Writer for Double Clutch and also contributes to Sky Sports (NBA/WNBA) and Sporting News (FIBA).

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We might see a quick return for Nate McMillan

The Indiana Pacers are starting the search for their new head coach, but Jonah Stott still can’t quite figure out why they let Nate McMillan go

Players who stepped up in the NBA’s seeding games

Some people make great careers of short bursts of brilliance. Jeremy Lin earned enough contracts…

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New LA Sparks big Kristine Anigwe will use experience with GB Basketball

Playing with WNBA championship contender LA Sparks will help Kristine Anigwe in her professional career, but she tells Huw Hopkins about how she plans bring the experience back to the British team.

Episode 337 – Black Lives Matter

Huw Hopkins speaks to Chicago Sky head coach James Wade about the Black Lives Matter international human rights movement.

Shooting hoops with legendary basketball photographer Mansoor Ahmed

In the modern history of basketball, one man has been there for almost every big moment in Britain, and Huw Hopkins met the great Mansoor Ahmed

3 matches showed Dennis Rodman would have never made it as a wrestler

In episode three of The Last Dance, Dennis Rodman’s foray into wrestling looked serious, but his matches in WCW showed he wasn’t