We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new, fortnightly show on LBTV, titled The Triple Double. The show features our very own Mike Miller and Nick Whitfield, alongside Sammy Gunnel – AKA The Benchwarmer, debating some of the hottest topics among NBA fans. Each episode features a different question, with only one of the hot takes being thrown around able to come out on top.    You’ll hear the team argue over subjects like who had the best ever rookie campaign? What is the greatest dunk in basketball history? What’s the biggest ever upset in the NBA Finals? And that’s just for starters. In amongst the competitive banter the team will welcome special guests and also conduct ‘show and tell’ sessions with various basketball-related objects, jerseys and shoes. If you follow the culture around the sport as much as the games, then these guys have you covered.

Sammy AKA the Benchwarmer is a UK based supplier of vintage American sportswear and memorabilia. As an ever-present at basketball events around the country, there’s a good chance you’ll run into him sooner rather than later if you’re a UK-based baller. Sammy loves nothing more than talking 90s basketball, and he uses this knowledge to full effect on The Triple Double.

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