Matthew Wellington

Matthew Wellington

Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

By day Matt works a Marketing and Digital Communications role for a multi-million pound construction company, but by night he is a true NBA obsessive and a stalwart of the vibrant UK-based community.

Matt first started following the NBA in the early 2000’s – and once spent two hours downloading Vince Carter’s 12 minute long Dunk Contest reel – but it wasn’t until 2012 that he decided to take his passion for the league to new heights. In July of 2012, whilst discussing the latest hit video-games on Gameburst, Matt and Andi decided to take their NBA passion to new heights; thus Double Clutch was born.

Since that day Matt has endeavoured to turn his passion, into a fan driven community, united by one goal – spreading the NBA in the UK. Whether it’s hosting the latest podcast, posting a few Tweets or covering the NBA London games from behind the basket at the O2 Arena, Matt is the living, breathing heartbeat of Double Clutch.

He can often be found playing obscene amounts of NBA 2K and bearing the brunt of our team’s anti-Lakers rhetoric.