Steph Curry: The Resurrection of Threezus

Steph Curry: The Resurrection of Threezus

And on the third season, He rose again and again, again…

Wardell Stephen Curry II, is the greatest shooter in NBA history. There is no argument. This man is a threat from anywhere. Any. Where.

But since the arrival of Kevin Durant in Golden State, ahead of the 2016-17 season, Curry’s standing has taken hit. As if adding the most lethal scorer in the league right now wouldn’t have caused some regression in his stats.

But remember, Durant chose to join Steph and the team he pushed to Golden State’s first chip since 1975, then to an all-time record 73 wins, whilst picking up two MVP awards alomg the way.

Now, in the early days of a contract season for Durant and Curry’s Splash Brother (remember when that was a thing) Klay Thompson, it’s Steph who is back on top. He is leading the team and reminding people that he is the Ultimate Warrior.

OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 24: Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts to a play during the game against the Washington Wizards on October 24, 2018 at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California. Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

The 6’3” guard is currently making a staggering 6.5 threes per game. That’s more than his average attempts in each of his first three seasons. And a big jump from the 5.1 he averaged when he smashed the previous NBA record with a huge 402 in 2015-16 (worth noting, Steph has four of the top five spots on the NBA’s all-time list of threes made in a season, Klay has the other). If Curry carries on at this pace, he would become the only player ever to notch more than 500 threes in a season.

In a league that continues to focus on long range shooting, setting year-on-year records for threes made and attempted, Steph remains light years ahead.

In terms of all-time threes made, Steph sits fifth on the list behind Kyle Korver, Jason Terry, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. It’s a safe bet that Curry will bypass Korver and Terry by the end of this season (probably by January)… and wouldn’t be all that surprising if he manages to leap-frog Reggie too.

On his seemingly limitless range and miraculous ability to knock the long ball down under varying levels of pressure, Curry said: “I mean, I don’t know how it sounds but every shot I took last night and every one I try to take each night, you work on it at some point or another. Still it’s mostly natural with the hours you put in and the muscle memory and all that type of stuff obviously – and you continue to push the envelope and take some chances or not and add some creativity to it but all that’s kind of built upon work. That deserves plaudits for sure.”

So how does the best continue to get better? “It’s part of my DNA – my success and my approach on and off the court. That doesn’t change no matter how successful you are, it almost reinforces it. Over the summer, the consistent approach that I had, my training and all that type of stuff and just the perspective I have in terms of no matter what noise is around me, what people say or where I’m at in my career and all that type of stuff – it’s just me waking up every day, feeling blessed doing what I get to do. Continue to try to find different ways to get better and push myself and that’s the goal every day staying in the moment and enjoying myself. That’s the best part of what I get to do every single day.”

It certainly appears to be working, with Steph averaging a career high in points and field goal percentage. In fact, he’s leaving the fabled 50-40-90 club (FG%-3P%-FT%) behind to currently sit on his own 55-50-90 throne. But let’s say he continues to perform at this level, for the full 82 – is there any chance he wins a third MVP award?

His teammate, and former Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala doesn’t think so. As per Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Iggy’s thoughts on the matter are succinct: “He’s the best point guard in the league. But he ain’t going to get it because they say we’re too good. It is what it is.”

But wouldn’t that be the ultimate back-handed compliment and a testament to his Hall-of-Fame career? Joining the likes of Jordan and LeBron as players who were so good, voter fatigue robbed them of MVP awards. Well, buckle up, it’s a long season, and you can get your next fix of Steph tonight on ‘NBA Sundays presented by NBA 2K19’ on Sky Sports – part of a record 42 primetime games live on Sky Sports starting from 8.30pm every weekend.

The Brooklyn Nets host the Golden State Warriors on Sky Sports Arena from 9pm.