Reacting to the 2K21 Zion cover drop…

A short, virtual, roundtable…

What do we think of the cover design and image of Zion used used?

Huw Hopkins: The image is beautiful. Mid-windmill with Zion Williamson screaming – it shows Zion’s passion and athleticism, the reasons why he has quickly become a firm favorite for fans of the NBA. I love the blue reflection in the basketball (is this the last time we see a Spalding on the cover of a 2K game?) and I love the different image shadowed of Zion behind the main picture, which shows more of his focus and grace.

Kirk Killick: The athlete is now the prime focus of the cover compared to last year that was showing both player and back settings. The colour bleeding links me to think the Lillard video where they added a short animated section maybe a way they will work an animated feel to the games menu system.

Mike Miller: I feel sorry for the person tasked with having to reinvent the wheel each year and come up with a fresh take on what is always essentially going to be a basketball action shot (well, except the (then) soon the be ex-Pelican AD cover last year – on that note, has back-to-back players on the same team been announced before? I don’t think it has) – but somehow the guys at 2K seem to bring something fresh every year (shoutout to the Giannis/Lebron covers 2K19 as a personal favourite) and once again they’ve done it.

It pops, it’s fresh, it pulls you in and the specific image is a great representation of the ferocity that Zion has going to he hoop

Is Zion the right choice for the next gen edition?

HH:  It would have been cool to have three covers all focused on the ‘future’ featuring Zion, Luka Dončić and Ja Morant. The league is in a good place and these three years exemplify it. I would argue that Dončić or Morant should have been the man this year, because we’ve only seen Williamson for a handful of games because of his injury. But I’m not mad at the great display of talent coming through the ranks.

KK: Zion is a solid pick in the current climate, especially with the league promoting and focusing on him to the level they are and despite Zion not playing anywhere near as much as other young stars in the league. I am a firm believer that 2K are going with rookie, veteran and retired cover athletes for this year’s editions. And no doubt we will see Zion back on the cover again in the coming years as the veteran/leader of the NBA stars.

MM: I had my (hypothetical) money on Luka being this year’s cover choice, even if it was maybe a regionalised European cover (like Ben Simmons for Oz a couple of years back), but it makes total sense to put the most hyped player since LeBron on the cover as soon as possible. Yeah we’ve only seen a small sample size but wow can this guy put on a show!

2K have been bold before in their cover choices and this is no different… Pels fans will be praying that the 2K cover curse doesn’t strike again and they can keep hold of Zion for many more seasons… LeBron 2K14, KD 2K15, PG13 2K17, Kyrie 2K18, LeBron 2K19 (ish), AD 2K20 all left the teams they were “with” after being selected for the cover…