Harden has landed, MLK Day tip-offs, Players of the Week and sea shanties

Mike, Nick and Tom celebrate the early MLK Day tip-offs, talk positively about the New York Knicks for the third consecutive week and more.

Out of cold storage due to the pandemic’s fiscal impact, NBA expansion talk is heating up again

After most of a year with the primary focus of the NBA geared towards survival…

James Harden Beard
Ranking potential James Harden trade destinations

Houston has a Harden problem. Tom Hall takes a look around the league and makes the case for teams that should move in for one of the league’s most polarising stars.

Kyrie goes missing, democracy is rocked and the Knicks continue to be tolerable

Huw, Josh and Nick discuss the end of the world as we know it, after the Capitol building in Washington was ransacked… also some NBA news.

Jaylen Brown has taken ‘The Leap’, but what does that mean for the Boston Celtics?

The rise of a new superstar in Boston seems like good news, but Charlie Liptrott wonders whether it might throw a few spanners into the Celtics’ works

Stephen Curry goes nuclear, surprising team predictions and Knicks praise… wait, what?

Mike Miller and Tom Hall dissect Stephen Curry’s 62 point explosion and what this means to the Warriors going forward, before making some predictions about some of the teams that have surprised them so far this season.

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The Step Back: The Skiles the limit

On this day in 1990, Scott Skiles set an NBA single-game record for assists with a whopping 30. Sean Guest looks back on a mark that still stands to this day.

Far too early overreactions, Christmas Day woes, the total clip-show and NY resolutions

Mike, Josh and Tom are here to overreact to the opening salvos of the new NBA season, slander Paul George and much more.

Here come the Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs might not have much to shoot for this season, but Huw Hopkins believes their performance could depend on how quickly they return to contention