This page features a live blog which will keep track of all the unsubstantiated and substantiated updates which are spinning across the not-so-flat globe. The Trade Deadline shuts at 15:00 ET on February 7 and more importantly 20:00 for us on this beloved sceptred isle of ours.

Check back for the latest from around the league.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:55

Contributor: Tom Wade

Woj closes out the trade deadline

Well there you have it #NBAintheUK fans, the buzzer has sounded out on 2019 NBA Trade Deadline and there is one piece of news that only seems fitting to it end on. It started with him, it might as well finish with him… Anthony Davis is still a member of the New Orleans Pelicans. That situation will now continue to drag on until we may finally get an answer in July, but as pointed out by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN –  Boston is now well and truly in play for the Pelicans’ superstar. 

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:49

Contributor: Tom Wade

Enes Kanter to be released by the Knicks

The drama between Enes Kanter and the New York Knicks is about to come to an end. Both parties have agreed to go their separate ways which will now allow Kanter to seek a new team via the buyout market. (per The Athletic’s Shams Charania)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:42

Contributor: Tom Wade

Robin Lopez/Bulls to engage in buyout talks

Center Robin Lopez could possibly be the next name on the buyout market, as he and the Chicago Bulls are expected to start talks on a possible contract buyout very shortly, now that the deadline has passed. (per Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:30

Contributor: Tom Wade

Raptors trade Greg Monroe to Brooklyn

The Toronto Raptors have agreed to send Greg Monroe to the Brooklyn Nets. This deal comes as the Raptors now have a new center in the form of Marc Gasol, who was traded earlier on this evening. (per The Athletic’s Shams


Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:26

Contributor: Tom Wade

Knicks and Wesley Matthews will agree a buyout today, Matthews expected to sign with Indiana

Wesley Matthews, a player who was involved in the New York/Dallas trade which saw Kristaps Portzingis moved to the Mavericks, will today agree on a buyout deal with the Knicks. Once the player has been bought out, he is expected to sign with the Indiana Pacers. (per The Athletic’s Shams Charania)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:09

Contributor: Tom Wade

More on Memphis’ decision to keep hold of Mike Conley

It seems that Memphis’ idea of keeping hold of Mike Conley is to benefit young talent Jaren Jackson Jr. Grizzlies are said to be grooming Jackson Jr as the future face of the franchise, and Conley is seen as the perfect role model to help do so. (per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:00

Contributor: Tom Wade

Mike Conley will not be traded by Memphis

Mike Conley started the day as one of the favourites to be moved, however, according to reports that will not be the case and Memphis has decided to keep hold of its franchise player. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:56

Contributor: Tom Wade

Grizzlies trade Shelvin Mack to Atlanta

The Memphis Grizzlies have agreed on a trade that will send guard Shelvin Mack to the Atlanta Hawks. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:41

Contributor: Tom Wade

Sixers trade Markelle Fultz to the Orlando Magic

The Philadelphia/Markelle Fultz saga has finally reached the end as the team has agreed to send him to Orlando. Jonathan Simmons will move to Philly along with a first round pick and a second round pick. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)


Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:41

Contributor: Tom Wade

Sacramento trades Skal Labissiere to Portland for Caleb Swanigan

The Sacramento Kings have reached a deal that will see Skal Labissiere move to the Portland Trailblazers, while Caleb Swanigan heads the other way back to Sacramento. (per Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:31

Contributor: Tom Wade

Clippers trade Mike Muscala to the Lakers for Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac

The LA Clippers have agreed on a deal to send Mike Muscala to the Lakers for Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac. This move will allow the Lakers to clear cap space with a view to picking up somebody from the buy-out market. (per Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:12

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

Grizzlies continue the restructure, Clippers open up space in Bradley-Temple, Green trade

Woj keeps killing the league with his reports, this time with the story that the Memphis Grizzlies are clearing house even further by swapping out Garrett Temple and JaMychal Green. Both are solid rotation players but more importantly for the Los Angeles Clippers, they are cheap. Bradley is owed nearly $25million in the next two seasons, and if the other LA team feel they can make a move on someone like Kawhi Leonard and others, they need to create room. Green and Temple are expiring, so the long-term space could help land a big fish.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:57

Contributor: Tom Wade

Raptors/Grizzlies agree on a deal that sends Marc Gasol to Toronto

Memphis has agreed to a deal with Toronto that will see Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, CJ Milles and a 2024 second-round pick exchanged for Marc Gasol. Reports were saying that Gasol was expected to move to the Charlotte Hornets, However that now is completely out of the question as the Raptors have swooped in.  (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:51

Contributor: Tom Wade

Anthony Davis plans to play “every game” should he remain in New Orleans

With around an hour to go in the trade deadline, reports are suggesting that Anthony Davis plans to play out the remainder of the season in the Pelicans line-up should he not be traded. (per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:20

Contributor: Tom Wade

Houston is trading Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin to the Pacers

The Houston Rockets continue to make moves, and this time its Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin, who are on the move again as they head to the Indiana Pacers. Stauskas and Baldwin have now been involved in three trades, but this will be the last time we see them move as they are expected to be waived by the Pacers. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:07

Contributor: Tom Wade

Denver interested in trading for Noah Vonleh

It is reported that the Denver Nuggets could make a move for New York Knicks big Noah Vonleh, the Nuggets are among the teams rumoured to have expressed interest in the power forward. (per ESPN’s Ian Begley)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 17:58

Contributor: Tom Wade

Bucks/Pelicans agreed on a deal which sees Nikola Mirotic head to Milwaukee

The New Orleans Pelicans and Milwaukee Bucks have agreed on a deal that will see Nikola Mirotic head to Milwaukee. The deal will also involve Jason Smith and Stanley Johnson, who go the other way to New Orleans. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 17:42

Contributor: Tom Wade

Is Marc Gasol preparing himself for a trade?

Memphis’ Marc Gasol has tweeted out a video of Queen’s Freddie Mercury preparing himself before he hits the stage. Gasol is said to be a big Queen fan but is he using this video as a message, ahead of his proposed trade to the Charlotte Hornets? With just over two hours to go, will Marc break free or will another trade bite the dust?

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 17:08

Contributor: Tom Wade

Houston trades James Ennis to the Sixers

The first deal of the day is in and its once again, it’s Houston who are doing business. The Rockets are trading James Ennis to the Philadelphia 76ers for swap rights to a 2021 second-round draft pick. (per The Athletic’s Shams Charania)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 16:48

Contributor: Tom Wade

Lakers/Pelicans trade talks not expected to re-start

It was the most significant talking point in the lead up to the deadline, and now it looks as if the potential trade between the Lakers and the Pelicans is entirely dead. Lakers had sent a counter-offer to New Orleans in the hope of reaching a deal that would take Anthony Davis to LA, but the Pelicans have so far refused even to answer back. As we get closer the deadline buzzer, it seems it looks set to stay that way, and Davis will remain a Pelican. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 15:22

Contributor: Tom Wade

Hornets and Grizzlies still need to “bridge gaps” in Marc Gasol deal

The Memphis Grizzlies and Charlotte Hornets are continuing to discuss a potential trade that will see Marc Gasol move to Charlotte, and altough trade talks continued this morning, there are still “gaps to be bridged” according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 14:20

Contributor: Tom Wade

The Pelicans are awake!

The New Orleans Pelicans’ Twitter account has provided us with yet another emoji tweet. What can we expect to see today from the most talked about team in the NBA right now? Will they keep hold of their superstar player Anthony Davis? One thing is for sure; they are counting down the hours that remain.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 13:38

Contributor: Tom Wade

Kyle Lowry talks trade rumours and says he is prepared for whatever may happen

Kyle Lowry has said that he wouldn’t hold it against the Raptors, should they look to involve him in any kind of traded you’ve guseed it talks. It was reported yesterday that a potential trade involving him was turned down, which would have seen Lowry along with teammate Jonas Valančiūnas head to Memphis with Mike Conley and Marc Gasol heading to Toronto. Kyle also said, “I think they will make decisions for themselves, and they’ll do what’s best for them.” Will the Raptors look to move Lowry in the next few hours? It remains possible.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 13:11

Contributor: Tom Wade

Pelicans officially announce Morris trade

It was a trade that we all woke up to this morning, and now the New Orleans Pelicans have made it official. The Pelicans PR team have taken to Twitter to confirm that the team has acquired forward Markieff Morris and a 2023 second round draft pick from the Washington Wizards in exchange for forward Wesley Johnson.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 11:48

Contributor: Tom Wade

Cleveland still looking to ship JR Smith

After last night’s three-team trade, it seems the Cleveland Cavaliers are not done just yet. The team is said to be still looking for a trade partner to take JR Smith, a player who hasn’t played a game in the league since November. It remains to be seen whether this on-going issue will finally come to an end but its reported that its “easier said than done”. (per Chris Fedor of

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 06:52

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

Imagine playing so badly you’re traded mid-game: Harrison Barnes is now a King

Harrison Barnes was informed he might be traded but the deal between the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings happened mid-game and he was forced to sit for the remainder of it. In return, Dallas received Zach Randolph, who can fill big-man minutes until Kristaps Porzingis is healthy, and another young player with potential in Justin Jackson. While DC’s own Joe Hulbert is no fan of Barnes, he can still score and has been a good locker room presence.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 06:20

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

Wizards-Bulls trade receives an almighty shoulder shrug emoji

After reports of in-fighting with the perennially injured John Wall, the Washington Wizards have finally moved Otto Porter, according to Shams. The package sees him swapped with Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker to the Chicago Bulls, which possibly does little to improve either underperforming team aside from improving team chemistry and shuffling contracts for flexibility.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 01:20

Contributor: Tom Wade

More on the Hou/Sac/Cle three-way trade

Cleveland will also send newly acquired Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin to Houston as part of the deal. Stauskas and Baldwin were part of the deal which saw Rodney Hood traded to Portland on Sunday.

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 01:06

Contributor: Tom Wade

Houston, Sacramento and Cleveland agree to three-way trade

The saying goes never take your eye off the NBA, so as I log off for the night…My phone goes. The Rockets, Kings and Cavaliers have agreed to a three-way trade which will see: (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

  • Houston receive – Iman Shumpert
  • Sacramento receive – Alec Burks
  • Cleveland receive – Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss & 2019 Lottery Protected First Round Pick

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 00:50

Contributor: Tom Wade

More on the Wizards/Bulls trade

The deal also includes a 2023 second round pick which the Bulls traded to the Wizards. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski):

Date: 07-02-2019 | Timestamp: 00:39

Contributor: Tom Wade

Wizards trade Otto Porter to Bulls for Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker

The Washington Wizards have agreed to a trade with the Chicago Bulls, which will see Otto Porter head to Chicago while Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker will head to the capital city. (per The Athletic’s Shams Charania):

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 23:52

Contributor: Tom Wade

Shams: “The safe bet is that he will stay in New Orleans”

The Athletic’s Shams Charania has had his say on where Anthony Davis will suit up next after the trade deadline. Appearing on “Stadium”, Shams said that “the sense around the league is that New Orleans will wait it out until the summertime.”

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 23:37

Contributor: Tom Wade

Time running out for Knicks and Kanter

It looks like time is running out for the New York Knicks, who find themselves in a difficult situation with Enes Kanter. The Center has racked up a lot of DNP’s since the start of the new calendar year, and although he has featured in the odd game here and there, it’s clear he is no longer in coach David Fizdale’s plans. However, the team are struggling to find a potential trade partner, and given the deadline is tomorrow they are reportedly now ready to discuss a buy-out with the player as soon as the deadline has passed. Kanter could still move but that right now seems highly unlikely.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 23:10

Contributor: Tom Wade

Taurean Prince drawing interest from Thunder, Sixers and Blazers

The Atlanta Hawks will be looking to sell between now and tomorrow’s trade deadline, and one player who could be on his way out is Taurean Prince. Prince is said to be drawing interest from Oklahoma City, Philidelphia and Portland, according to Amico Hoops’ Sam Amico:

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 22:59

Contributor: Ross MacLeod

Is Nikola the missing piece, or part of a wider puzzle?

Pelicans’ forward Nikola Mirotic with a cryptic tweet to keep everyone guessing. Is he playing everyone or signalling that the pieces are about to come together in a deal? Less than 24 hours to find out…

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 22:17

Contributor: Tom Wade

Pelicans have reportedly reached out to the Celtics

The twists and turns of the Anthony Davis saga have apparently taken another turn according to Sports Illustrated’s The Crossover. Although a deal cannot be reached until the summer, New Orleans has reached out to the Celtics to see what may be coming their way should they stand pat for now.

Boston’s reply?

No player is off limits.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 21:52

Contributor: Tom Wade

Suns working with Ellington’s team to waive guard

He may have been involved in the trade between Miami and Phoenix, but Wayne Ellington is reportedly working with the Suns to agree to waive the guard. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke further details which stated that Ellington wants to join a playoff contender and will be free to do so, should a deal be agreed between the two sides.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 21:24

Contributor: Tom Wade

Wayne Ellington also a part of the Heat/Suns trade

As part of the Tyler Johnson for Ryan Anderon deal, Miami has also sent guard Wayne Ellington to the Suns. Ellington is said to have waived his no-trade clause to get the deal done.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 21:12

Contributor: Tom Wade

Miami trades Tyler Johnson to the Suns for Ryan Anderson

The Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns have agreed to a trade that will see guard Tyler Johnson head to Arizona, with forward Ryan Anderson heading to South Beach.

Tom Wade: As a Heat guy, I really can’t wrap my head around this trade, Johnson has been a consistent starter for Miami this year. The only thing that comes out of this is that the team will save money on a partially guaranteed contract next season, it will be interesting to see what happens next as this may lead to further movement.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:41

Contributor: Tom Wade

Miami is nearing a deal to send Tyler Johnson to Phoenix

It’s been common knowledge for a while that the Suns are in need of a point guard, well that could be about to change. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Miami Heat and Pheonix Suns are nearing a deal which will see Tyler Johnson head to the Arizona desert.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:30

Contributor: Tom Wade

Pelicans at it again on Twitter

You may recall that yesterday, the New Orleans Pelicans tweeted out a cryptic message with an emoji. Well it’s a new day and the Pels are at it once again, what could they be trying to tell us?

Someone is clearly not happy!

San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray has given his reaction and made it clear he is not happy with a certain sports channel. ESPN  earlier tweeted out three hypothetical trades and one involved Murray in a deal for Anthony Davis. He clearly saw the proposed trade then took to social media to air his thoughts. Look out anyone who mocks up any Spurs trades.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:05

Contributor: Tom Wade

Pelicans continue to shop Randle and Mirotic

As we approach tomorrows deadline, two players outside of Anthony Davis could also be their way out of New Orleans. Marc Stein of the New York Times has reported that, Julius Randle and Nikola Mirotic are still being shopped by the Pelicans. Mirotic has been mentioned in many possible trade scenarios with various teams interested in taking him. However, Randle is yet to be mentioned in any kind of rumours so teams who may be interested in the former Laker remain unknown.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:53

Contributor: Tom Wade

Pelicans still yet to respond to Lakers

As reported yesterday the Lakers are still no closer to bring Anthony Davis to Los Angeles, with the deadline drawing closer it seems that things still haven’t changed and the Lakers are still waiting for an answer to their latest offer. (per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski)

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:40

Contributor: Tom Wade

Several teams have called the Hawks to discuss vets

According to Yahoo Sports’ Keith Smith, the Atlanta Hawks have received calls from teams who are interested in the teams veteran players. It’s not known who the teams are, but the players discussed are thought to be Kent Bazemore, Dwayne Dedmon and Jeremy Lin.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 16:39

Contributor: Timi Awotesu

Thon Maker era ending in Milwaukee, heads to Detroit for Johnson.

Maker’s rumoured exit from the Bucks is reaching the finishing line, and will join pastures new in Detroit. Milwaukee takes back Stanley Johnson. The former number 8 overall pick has shown flashes here and there, but is nothing more than a role player option for a Bucks team battling for the top spot in the East.

Question now remains what can Coach Budenholzer get out of Johnson, and will Dwayne Casey be the man to help Thon reach his potential?

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 16:00

Contributor: Josh Coyne

Teague on the market

The Minnesota Timberwolves are only a handful of games shy of the playoffs, yet they are currently dealing with several injury setbacks. This means that they are likely to become more active tonight and tomorrow as the deadline approaches.

In order to attract suitors, they have reportedly made 30-year-old point guard Jeff Teague available for a potential trade, as per The Athletic.

Read the full story here.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 15.40

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

Time for another Pau-Marc Gaswap?

After signing a big two-year deal with the San Antonio Spurs during the summer, Pau Gasol has had giant minutes managed, has been put injured, and hasn’t performed to the level of his $16million contract. That number could decrease next year if he doesn’t meet certain criteria but the Spaniard is also being made largely irrelevant in the San Antonio this ks to the good play of Jokab Poeltl this season, who joined the team as part of the Kawhi Leonard trade. While it’s unlikely to happen, and wouldn’t really make sense for the Spurs, his little brother Marc is also on the Memphis Grizzlies’ trading block and has previously been traded for Pau before. It would be fun to see the Gasols swap teams again.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 14:05

Contributor: Tom Wade

Woj: “Clippers may now have the assets to make a run at AD”

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has claimed that the LA Clippers may now have enough assets to make a run at New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis before tomorrow’s trade deadline. This comes after the Clippers traded Tobias Harris to Philidelphia as part as a six-man deal, but Woj who appeared on ESPN’s Get Up this morning stated that it was the picks exchanged between the two teams that could make this deal even more interesting.

Woj also commented on the Sixers part in the deal saying “They see this as a window to win the east” before adding that they are planning to re-sign Harris along with Jimmy Butler this summer.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 10:00

Contributor: Josh Coyne

Reactin’ a fool

During the pummelling that the in-flux Los Angeles Lakers took in Indiana on Tuesday night, 31-year-old big Javale McGee was the target of some rather unfriendly chants from the Pacers fans.

Similarly to almost everyone that has come within a square mile of the Staples Center in the last month not named LeBron, McGee has been mentioned frequently in the ongoing reports surrounding a potential Anthony Davis trade.

He took to Twitter almost immediately after the game to remind the Indiana faithful of his career achievements.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 09:00

Contributor: Josh Coyne

“Jerry West, Philadelphia, what a trade…..”

I put too much time into making the above work, syllabically.

Anyway, the centrepiece of the Clippers/Sixers trade – Tobias Harris posted a tremendous Fresh Prince Of Bel Air GIF as a reaction to the career-altering news.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 08:00

Contributor: Josh Coyne

The Polish Hammer nails it

Just like the rest of us, veteran big Marcin Gortat is enjoying the twists and turns of trade deadline week. He tweeted his shock in reaction to his Los Angeles Clippers team making the below trade with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Then, when a Clippers fan sent a not-exactly-supportive tweet in reply, Gortat did not hold back.

Stay tuned to see whether any of @ClipperNation16’s family are indeed moved before close of play tomorrow.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 07:24

Contributor: Tom Wade

Clippers agree to a deal that sees Tobias Harris traded to the 76ers

The Los Angeles Clippers have agreed to a six-player trade with the Philadelphia 76ers, which is headlined by Tobias Harris.

Tom Wade: Good move by both sides, especially the Clippers who will now not have to worry about re-signing Harris this offseason, which will allow them to focus on the bigger fish.

Matthew Wellington: Smart trade for all those involved and clearly part of a designed master-plan from Jerry West. Los Angeles gains future draft picks for expiring contracts and Philadelphia finally begins to rebuild the bench depth that it sacrificed to land Jimmy Butler earlier this season. The Sixers have been primed for a run at the top of the Eastern Conference and have looked like an elite team at times, since Butler stepped into the line-up. This trade now ensures they have some adequate depth to compete. I wouldn’t rule out another small move or two before tomorrow’s 20:00 deadline.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 06.19

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

Making moves to make moves

The LA Lakers have been keeping busy. Often when you see smaller trades like the acquisition of Reggie Bullock, reported by The Athletic and ESPN, that come out of nowhere, it’s to build a better package for something to come. Just because Magic Johnson is frustrated that none of his trade packages for Anthony Davis are landing, the urgency of getting this done for Los Angeles before the deadline is very real. Waiting any longer could flood the market with trade offers that look a lot better than what they’ve been pitching. Whether the next Lakers offer includes Bullock remains to be seen, but with the packages they’ve suggested so far, the team won’t have many players left on the roster, so this could be a move before the move.

Read the full story at ESPN.

Date: 06-02-2019 | Timestamp: 00:20

Contributor: Matthew Wellington

Magic Johnson knows the Godfather III was bad, right?

We’ve just dropped our latest podcast where we discuss the on-going trade chaos.

Listen and Subscribe via:

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 23:21

Contributor: Tom Wade

Grizzlies to sit Marc Gasol out of tonight’s game vs Timberwolves

If you ever need confirmation that a trade is going down, then this is it. The Memphis Grizzlies will sit Marc Gasol out of tonight’s game against the Timberwolves, as they continue to work on a deal to send the center to the Charlotte Hornets. (per The Athletic’s Shams Charania)

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 23:02

Contributor: Tom Wade

Grizzlies in strong talks with Hornets over Marc Gasol

Memphis are reportedly in “strong talks” to send franchise center Marc Gasol to the Charlotte Hornets, Memphis has been looking to move the big man and now it seems the Gasol/Grizzlies era could be coming to an end. (per The Athletic’s Shams Charania):

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 22:34

Contributor: Ross MacLeod

Can the Celtics patience pay off?

Danny Ainge is rubbing his hands at the Lakers being rebuffed by Dell Demps. This summer gives the Celtics their best shot at Davis, and this scares the Lakers who do not have the assets to get into a fist fight. Still, this is the NBA and anything can happen between now and the deadline…

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 22:24

Contributor: Tom Wade

He’s moved once, but could be moved again?

It seems that the Lakers could be in the market for another piece outside of Anthony Davis. Trevor Ariza started the season as a Phoenix Suns player; however, December saw him traded to the Washington Wizards. After just two months in the capital city, he could be on the move once again with the Lakers taking a “continued fondness” in the player. Ariza isn’t said to be on the move but, should he become available then a second stint in the purple and gold could be on the cards. (per ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne):

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 21:08

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

All quiet on the Canadian front

Initial reports around a trade between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Toronto Raptors that would see Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valancuinas swap with Marc Gasol and Mike Conley have seemingly cooled off. According to Michael Grange of SportsNet, the Grizzlies are looking to find out how much they can get for the iconic duo and talks have since gone quiet. That doesn’t necessarily mean the talks are closed, but Memphis might look to shop around and see what else they can get.

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:33

Contributor: Tom Wade

Davis listed questionable for Bulls game

Having been declared as healthy after suffering a finger injury, Anthony Davis was held out of Monday’s loss to the Pacers and he could be about to miss another game due to reasons nobody knows. (well, we all do really but can the Pelicans publically list him as “possibly being traded”? Probably not. (Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski):

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:20

Contributor: Tom Wade

Lakers still “glad” to talk AD trade

Although it has been reported that trade talks between the Lakers and Pelicans are off, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has tweeted an update regarding the situation. LA is reportedly “no longer willing” to bid for Davis alone:

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:59

Contributor: Tom Wade

Something brewing in New Orleans?

Shortly after it was reported that the potential deal between the Pelicans and Lakers was off, the Pelicans took to social media and posted something that now has us all talking. What could it mean? Is there something brewing in New Orleans?

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19:59

Contributor: Tom Wade

Lakers/Pelicans Anthony Davis deal off!?

It was supposed to be the biggest deal of the deadline, however, according to new reports, trade talks between the Pelicans and Lakers have broken down. LA is reportedly no longer willing to meet the “outrageous demands” of New Orleans. (Per LA Times’s Brad Turner):


Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 19.59

Contributor: Huw Hopkins

Raptors going all in for a run at the Finals

From a report by Sports Illustrated’s Jake Fischer, it seems the Toronto Raptors have interest in the iconic duo of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley and are looking to give up Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valanciunas to get them. While the Memphis Grizzlies’ point guard and centre are not the players they used to be, they can match the production of the Raptors counterparts and improve the team’s prospects at a significant Finals run.

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 18:55

Contributor: Tom Wade

Tomas Satoransky to benefit from the loss of John Wall?

The Washington Wizards today announced that guard John Wall would be out of action for the next 12 months, due to a ruptured left Achilles tendon that Wall sustained while falling at home. The bigger news to come from this announcement is that Washington is now set to open contract extension talks with Polish guard Tomas Satorasky, who has done a fantastic job since Wall initially decided to take a season-ending surgery on his left heel. Satoransky was due to be a free agent in the summer but is set to be rewarded with a new contract thanks to his performances since moving into the starting five. (Per ESPN’s Bobby Marks).

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 15:00

Contributor: Tom Wade

Kyrie Irving frustrated with being linked to AD

USA Today

Boston Celtics’ star Kyrie Irving is said to be frustrated with “people trying to manipulate him” and also finds it “disrespectful” when people talk about his upcoming free agency being influenced by others. This is according to an unnamed former teammate who spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix. Kyrie has been linked with a possible trade away from Boston, after he stated in a post-practice interview that he would “do whatever is best for me”. Read the full article here.

Date:05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 14:00

Contributor: Josh Coyne

Woj Awakens!

We’re still two days away from the actual deadline but at this point, NBA media’s chief transactional reporter will already be making adjustments to his sleeping pattern, as will Shams Charania, Marc Stein and other key figures. Upon awakening on Tuesday, he announced an ESPN2 show with basketball-writing wizard Zach Lowe on Wednesday at 17:00 ET (22:00 over here).

Hardly a Woj bomb, but something.

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 09:00

Contributor: Josh Coyne

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

In order for the Pelicans to accept an offer for Anthony Davis before the deadline, it will likely have to be a ‘godfather’ package. As well as a bunch of young, relatively high-upside players, Woj has reported that the Los Angeles Lakers may have to include a ‘historic haul’ of picks to even get the New Orleans Pelicans’ attention.

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 08:10

Contributor: Matthew Wellington

Silence overnight

It would appear that nothing went down last night, which is great for us but not so great for some of the teams desperately trying to put some course correction on their season… ahem, Lakers.

Date: 05-02-2019 | Timestamp: 00:12

Contributor: Matthew Wellington

This could take some getting used to…

Date: 04-02-2019 | Timestamp: 23:00

Contributor: Matthew Wellington

LaVar has spoken… again

LaVar Ball wants Lonzo traded to Phoenix if he is included in the Anthony Davis trade to the Pelicans.

Date: 04-02-2019 | Timestamp: 20:55

Contributor: Matthew Wellington

Lakers make increased offer for Anthony Davis

The Lakers appear to be clearing the farm in an attempt to land  New Orleans’ superstar Anthony Davis before Thursday’s trade deadline. Would the Pelicans be excited by the prospect of building a roster around a core of young players who lost to both Cleveland and Chicago recently?