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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a men’s professional basketball league in North America; composed of 30 teams. It is widely considered to be the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world.

Introducing your Double Clutch 3am All-Stars
Despite wanting to, it’s impossible to keep this up each night for eight months, so you need to pick the games carefully. At Double Clutch, we have picked five players you simply must make the effort to stay up to watch if they have a game on the dock. So without further ado, here are your D.C. 3am All-Stars.
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Pure Sweat’s Gary Maitland on what to expect from Gordon Hayward, Markelle Fultz and more
It’s early in January 2018. Two of the hottest teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference are set to face off at the O2 in London. Pre-game training has been taking place in front of the media, but it is time to start taking things more seriously. The media, family members and other excessive persons are asked to leave so the Philadelphia 76ers can focus on some in-game tactics.
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Team Preview - Golden State Warriors
The Golden State Warriors stand on the precipice of the new season with their destiny firmly in their hands. Can this team solidy their spot in history? Their dominance of the Modern NBA cannot be overstated. Last year they were by far the favourites to win the title and, come June, they completed one of the most one-sided Finals of all time. Sweeping the LeBron James-led Cavaliers 4-0, the Dubs claimed their third title in four years and finally forced the King to abdicate his Eastern Conference throne.
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The mental health discussion and the progression of the NBA
While fellow sporting bodies across the globe continue to be hampered by poorly-handled public controversy, the NBA’s approach to mental health shows signs of a highly progressive league. The damning revelations of Donald Sterling’s personal prejudice rose to the surface back in 2014 and newly promoted NBA commissioner Adam Silver was called into crucial action much quicker than anyone could have anticipated.
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EA’s Live 19 – the NBA has a new rivalry, in gaming
EA’s NBA Live series has had a rather tumultuous time since arriving on the current generation of consoles. NBA Live 14 was released on Sony’s Playstation 4 going up against NBA 2K14, which blew everyone away with a completely new engine and the most realistic graphics ever seen in a sports title. Live 14 was almost doomed from the start with a launch trailer that was universally panned online, graphics that looked like they belonged on the previous generation of consoles, questionable player likeness and slow, stiff gameplay.
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A possible NBA sub-tweet, and what it says about Scott Brooks and the Washington Wizards
We are currently in one of the strangest parts of the NBA Calendar: the long off-season that feels like a lifetime is coming to an end. Training camps do not quite start yet, draft coverage Has been exhausted, and no free agents of note are left. Because of this, there is almost no news. Hall Of Fame inductions have excited some of my older colleagues, but for many this is a tough period of the year. I was in this boat yesterday, until I saw a potential NBA-related sub-tweet from Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis.
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The L.A. Clippers: "We are going to find a way to define our own legacy"
It might be easy, given the events of this summer, to forget that there are two teams located in Los Angeles. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan have all now left the Clippers, and their city rivals have just acquired the best player in basketball, LeBron James. To the naked eye it is the L.A. Lakers who are on the rise, while the Clippers are condemned to remain in their shadow for years to come. However, it appears no one has told them that.
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