Melo should go out on the international stage, and other advice

Melo should go out on the international stage, and other advice

Carmelo Anthony is probably sitting at home doing nothing, wondering what his next move will be. There is a lot of speculation about where he will be playing, if he will get minutes and how he will perform. But until he has clarification on this, I wanted to offer some genuine advice to the future Hall Of Famer.

Play for the national team

As per league rules, Anthony is not allowed to be traded until 15 December, because he signed a new contract this past summer. That give us around three weeks before the Houston Rockets can get something back for him. But the forward needs to prove he can still play, and there is a way he can do this without being in the NBA.

On 29 November, Team USA will play against Argentina in the Americas World Cup Qualifier. Both countries are 7-1 in the qualification period and as the US squad is short of NBA talent. The tough Argentina team is still being led by Luis Scola, a national hero who beat Anthony and his national teammates in the 2004 Olympic Semi-Final game before going on to win gold. Despite team USA having already announced the roster for the upcoming games, you’d have to think they’d make room for someone of Melo’s stature. 

Anthony was always at his best playing international basketball. A big reason for this was because he was surrounded by elite talent, something his contract status made difficult for the professional teams he played with in the NBA.

This won’t be the case in the qualifiers. Instead of being the perfect piece to complement a star studded team, Anthony could find peace being the go-to offensive player to lead a team of G-Leaguers and young talents – that’s basically what he did on the New York Knicks, before going to Oklahoma City – while playing for something worthwhile and proving that he is still a great scorer.

The best part about this is that the Team USA camp takes place at Houston this weekend. He doesn’t even have to travel to take part and is still being paid by the Rockets.

Go shopping

Since Anthony has moved to hotter climates, we haven’t seen him wear as many hats as he did in New York. It’s a real shame, because his hat game was probably the best in the NBA.

He was only in Oklahoma for one season and barely got going in Houston, so he might not have had much of a chance to purchase appropriate headwear for the temperature in those regions, but this time off will also give him an opportunity to expand his hat collection.

On top of his chapeaux, Anthony is known for an array of hooded attire, including this famous one when he joined his Rockets teammates on the beach.

If Anthony gets a chance to try on hoodies in new colours, perhaps he can figure out what looks good and that could help him pick his next NBA team.

Prepare your retirement speech

It has been referenced by the likes of Tracy McGrady, and argued against by Allen Iverson, but whether it’s this season or next, retirement is not far away.

One benefit of doing it sooner rather than later is that he will be in the Hall Of Fame before he knows it – maybe even in the same year as his good friend Dwyane Wade. And let’s be real here, Anthony is a sure-fire Hall Of Famer.

If he does sign with another team for the rest of the season, he could finish with 26,000 points, 7,000 rebounds and 3,000 assists, including 10 All-Star selections, six All-NBA appearances, an NCAA champion, three Olympic gold medals and one Olympic bronze.

It’s a shame his career is winding up without an NBA championship and in a bit of a cloud, but nobody can take away the accomplishments he has amassed at every level of basketball.

Featured photo – via Getty Images / Double Clutch illustration