Episode 274 – NBA | Southwest Division Preview

Episode 274 – NBA | Southwest Division Preview

In the final instalment of our season preview podcasts, Joe Hulbert is joined by Huw Hopkins to discuss the Southwest Division. The guys break down how potential NBA champions might have taken a big step back in Houston, what Huw’s beloved Spurs can do now they are without their starting point guard, why the Pelicans need to win this year to secure their future in New Orleans, where the promising Dallas Mavericks could finish, and why its male or break for the Grizzlies.
Joe and Huw run the the ceiling and the floor for each team using the knowledge and insight these analysts are know for bringing to the #NBAintheUK community.

  • Houston Rockets – Vegas Odds / 54.5w
  • New Orleans Pelicans – Vegas Odds / 45.5w
  • San Antonio Spurs – Vegas Odds / 43.5w
  • Memphis Grizzlies – Vegas Odds / 34.5w
  • Dallas Mavericks – Vegas Odds / 34.5w

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