Huw Hopkins

Huw grew up in Wales and was too much of a wimp to play rugby. He fell in love with the quiet brilliance of Tim Duncan and ended up a San Antonio Spurs fan. Huw is a Lead Writer for Double Clutch and also contributes to Sky Sports (NBA/WNBA) and Sporting News (FIBA).

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Double Clutch’s top 3 should-be All-Stars

Some of the names on the first returns for the All-Star Game vote-getters upset members of the media, so Double Clutch has put together the top public vote snubs so far.

Double Clutch in 2018: top 10 content review

After a year of great basketball, the Double Clutch team brings you the best bits of content and compiles it into the top 10 pieces of work on social media, podcast, video or website.

NBA Christmas: Portland Trail Blazers vs Utah Jazz

It might seem like the filler on the slate but this Christmas cracker between two conference rivals fighting for a playoff spot could be the game of the day according to Huw Hopkins.

Europe is not a pit. Europe is a ladder. And Luka Dončić must climb it

Luka Dončić has a chance to become the NBA’s Greatest European Of All Time, but our team considers who he has time climb over to reach the top of that particular ladder.

Blake Artwork - Rick Osentoski - USA Today - AP Photo - Mark J. Terrill
Blake Griffin is making the most of his diminished athleticism

Whether it’s down to injuries, age, maturity or player development, Blake Griffin has become reliable from long-distance, just in time to help a Detroit Pistons team in dire need of three-point shooting.

Behind an iconic duo, the Grizzlies can still roar

A lot of things have moved on from the grit’n’grind era in Memphis, but when their two leaders are healthy and playing together, they are among the very best in the NBA. And with everybody under the coaching staff, the Grizzlies look set for another run to the playoffs.

DC MVP Rankings
NBA MVP – Our early contenders

Most teams are hitting the 20-game mark this week, which puts us at around a quarter of the way through the season. So to gather some sense of normality, the Double Clutch team has put together its thoughts on who might be the early leaders on the list of MVP contenders.

advice for Melo
Melo should go out on the international stage, and other advice

We may be witnessing the end of Carmelo Anthony’s career but he has an opportunity to go out in a way that basketball fans remember him at his best. Huw Hopkins has some advice for the 10-time NBA All-Star.

NBA’s divisions and conferences
The NBA’s divisions and conferences matter, even to UK fans

As one of the most divisive topics in the NBA, the question of whether or not the NBA should scrap it’s divisional and conference systems in favour of an overall ranking (producing a more competitive Playoffs) has been debated back-and-forth. So, our very own Huw Hopkins decided to join in.