Ger Deegan

Ger is a freelance sports writer based in Dublin, Ireland. He has a passion for the NBA, a BA in Journalism and Broadcasting, and like many others is a long suffering Knicks fan. Ger would describe himself as a James Harden advocate. You can find Ger talking football on the Maine Road Ramble Podcast where he regularly co-hosts.

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Where do we go from here? The Knicks and their search for the next leading point guard

The point guard position is iconic in New York but it has been vacant on the Knicks for some time – Ger Deegan breaks down how that could all change in the coming days

Caris Lavert
Caris LeVert has more than proved his worth for the Brooklyn Nets

There is no need for the Nets to go in search of a third star when the future is right in front of their eyes. Caris LeVert has proven himself, writes Ger Deegan.

Is it time we stopped underestimating The Grizzlies?

Ever since it was announced that the NBA would be restarting its season after its…