Adam Taylor

I am an aspiring NBA Journalist based out of the UK, i am a lead writer for SB Nation's CelticsBlog, Staff writer for DoubleClutchUK and co-founder of The 450 Times. A podcast expert, having previously run a podcast network and hosted a string of shows over the last two years. Currently the host of the CelticsBlog podcast and co-anchor of The 450 Times podcast.

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Doumbouya being drafted by Pistons
The Detroit Pistons’ monumentally challenging rebuild

The Detroit Pistons have been so bad for so long that even a rebuild looks painful. Adam Taylor looks how it could possibly be done

PJ Washington: The Hornets glimmer of hope

Drafting a guy like Washington, and Bridges before him only serves to expedite the process. As they, and their young teammates continue to improve, there will be curious glances cast in Charlotte’s direction. In PJ Washington the Hornets have now found a path back to relevancy.